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Strategic Collaboration

The Collaboration between The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) / Every Child A Swimmer (ECAS), Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) / Florida Swims Foundation, and Step into Swim / Pool and Hot Tub Association (PHTA) is part of an agreement that was created to help prevent drowning incidents, raise the necessary awareness about water safety and fund swim lessons for children in underserved communities.

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History of Every Child A Swimmer

  • ISHOF was founded in the mid-1960s by Buck Dawson and a group of community leaders from the city of Fort Lauderdale. Local Judge G. Harold Martin, a near-drowning victim during his youth, incorporated the spiritual mission named “Every Child a Swimmer” into the founding charter. Judge Martin was also active with the Fort Lauderdale Kiwanis Club.
  • Kiwanis, formed in 1915, is dedicated to improving the lives of children one community at a time, based on the needs of each local community.
  • In 2019, Kiwanis agreed to gift the “Every Child a Swimmer” trademark and website to ISHOF with the agreement that Kiwanis could continue to use it in perpetuity. Every Child a Swimmer is now the spiritual mission of ISHOF.
  • ISHOF is committed to work with every organization related to the World of Aquatics, plus the professional swimming pool industry, to provide swim lessons for children who come from homes where financial resources are limited.
  • During 2021, the State of Florida passed legislation requiring that every school provide the parents of children entering their school with both water safety information and the location of local swim school resources.
  • In 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with PHTA/Step into Swim and Florida Swims/FSPA. As part of the agreement, this collaboration will triple the impact and help to continue saving lives of children all over the United States by providing swim lesson scholarships to the underserved communities.
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The Kiwani project offers school systems a permanent solution to the senseless, escalating drowning problem that has plagued the world from time immemorial. The Kiwanis add the volunteerism of their pre-trained service club members to the expertise of a school’s regular physical education instructor (swim coach), as directed by a school’s officials. Thus the effectiveness of the instructor is multiplied 20 or more times without added cost and makes the program affordable everywhere. The principle of the program is adaptable to any age or class of non-swimmers.

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The Mission of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, a Non-profit corporation, is to make Every Child a Swimmer (ECAS). Every swimmer in the world should be educated and trained in water safety.

Through the passion, commitment, and collaboration of the professional Swimming Pool Industry, The World of Aquatics, and State Government Officials, we have found those champions, and they have adopted the “Spiritual Mission” of teaching Every Child to be a Swimmer…


Together to help educate and fund swimming lessons for America's children. Together our industry can make a difference. Every child deserves to learn this basic survival skill. Join us in helping to make Every Child a Swimmer! Pledge your support for the Every Child a Swimmer Program. Donate Here

Every Child A Swimmer

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